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Why do pyrotechnics use so much packaging?

As a manufacturer Le Maitre would like to be able to do away with any unnecessary packaging - both from a green perspective and of course from a cost perspective. Unfortunately due to the requirements of the Classification and Labelling of Explosives for Transport and Storage, soon to be superseded in the Manufacturing and Storage of Explosive Regulations 2014 (MSER), we are required to use inner “receptacles” made from paper, plastic, board, metal or wood to name a few for Classification purposes. This is required to allow for damage to outer packaging and possible spillage.

Some products, such as our Flames are packaged in a plastic receptacle. This is required to enable us to ship anywhere in the world under Packaging Instruction E135, which is also a requirement for IATA and IMDG Shipments under the UN Rules. Product cannot be transported without the correct packing method being employed. Many other products require a more robust inner pack to protect them from the rigours of transport also.

Wherever possible Le Maitre does try to be as green and cost effective as possible, but in the case of packaging and transport we are required to abide by the legislation that exists.

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