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Where can I find the safety distances for your products?

You can find the safety distances for individual products in the specs boxes on the product pages of this website and also on the product or box label. These are the minimum distances set at the time of CE Certification where the testing was performed on an Outdoor Test Facility*. The CE Certificates can also be found on the individual product pages.

These safety distances need to be taken into account along with any other factors that come up as part of your risk assessment. These many include actors/performers, the audience, scenery, props etc.

When this has been completed you may decide that you need to allow greater safety distances than those indicated. The risk assessment should always involve a test firing of the product in controlled conditions to familiarise yourself with the effect.

The angle of firing, also found in the specs boxes, should always be adhered to.

Safety distances given by Le Maitre only relate to the product when it is fired in an upright position and firing at different angles will obviously alter these distances and must be taken into account.

*Please note that a person with specialist knowledge (T2 user) can set their own minimum safety distances, provided that they have taken due consideration of the hazards and risks that any deviations they make might have. This is at the discretion of the T2 user and Le Maitre accept no responsibility in this case.

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