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Le Maitre exhibiting at LDI, Las Vegas, 22-24 November

Le Maitre exhibiting at LDI, Las Vegas, 22-24 November

Friday 01 November 2019

Le Maitre will be exhibiting at LDI on November 22-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We will be showing a wide range of smoke, haze, flames and pyrotechnics.

Products on show will include:

NEW - Wireless Salamander Quad Pro

Le Maitre’s Wireless Salamander Quad Pro is a completely wireless version of Le Maitre’s highly popular Salamander Quad Pro flame machine, with integrated wireless COBRA Firing Systems technology. With an internal chargeable battery and no running cables, the Wireless Salamander Quad Pro can simply be put in place and switched on, making it easy, quick and safe to use.

The four-canister flame unit offers a great level of versatility. Each canister can be fired independently, producing 30 seconds of continuous flame or up to 120 flame bursts. Each flame reaches up to 12 foot in height. Alternatively, all four canisters can be fired at the same time to produce a much bigger single flame reaching up to a spectacular 25 foot.

With its compact design, over 48 hours’ standby time, an easy to use OLED display and menu structure and a choice of flame colour and fuel type, the Wireless Salamander Quad Pro is an ideal choice for stadiums and larger venues.

NEW – ProLoom®

The new plug and play ignitor system from Le Maitre, ProLoom® is an easy to use, extremely quick to ignite and exceptionally safe ignitor system that is compatible with all twin-wired pyrotechnics.

Over 80% faster than using a standard ignitor system, the user simply needs to unplug the looped male shunted plug from the pyro and connect the socket straight into the loom already prepared with the receptacle. There is no need to prepare, split and bend the wires and insert a single ignitor to a loom. Using the ProLoom® system the user is able to connect 5 ignitors in under 30 seconds.

Other Le Maitre products well be showing at LDI this year include:


We will be showing our G300-SMART, our smoke machine featuring smart controls. Rugged, versatile and durable, with a massive output of dense white smoke, it supports both WiFi and LAN connectivity for set-up, monitoring and diagnostics. The user can set up and change the configuration of the machine via a mobile phone or tablet.

Other fog machines on show will be the GForce 1 and GForce 3 and the Freezefog Pro, which produces atmospheric low fog.


Haze machines on display will include the MVS SMART which, like the G300 SMART, includes smart control and monitoring features, allowing the user to set up and control the hazer from a mobile device, such as a mobile phone or tablet. Powerful and versatile, two variable high speed fans can be used to control the force and direction of the haze stream. There is also a unique oscillating mode for automated back and forth sweeping of the stream. The MVS SMART has variable haze density, onboard DMX, low power consumption, fluid level sensing and automatic self-cleaning. Along with the ability to position the unit at any angle these all combine to form the most complete feature set of the Le Maitre hazer line.

Designed for the road, the robust and powerful HazeMaster has a tremendous output capacity, whilst the Neutron, with its simple, straightforward controls delivers up to 100 hours of haze from just one 2.5L bottle of fuel.



Alongside the Wireless Salamander Quad Pro we will be showing the Salamander. The compact canister-based unit can fire up to 30 seconds of continuous flame or 50 short bursts, with flames reaching from 10’ (1 unit) up to 20’ (4 units). We will also be showing the Wave Flame Single Head which can produce flames up to 10m high that can rotate in one direction for 210°.

From the TBF-Pyrotec flame range, which is exclusively distributed in North America by Le Maitre USA, we will be showing the Single Shot and the 5-Master.



In addition, we will be showing our Arctic Snow Machine with its continuous, powerful output of realistic white, fluffy and light snow.

You can register here for your free tickets to attend. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Booth 2253 where we will be very happy to give you a tour. 

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