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Fountain Flame By TBF Pyrotec

The Fountain Flame is a breakthrough in the world of special effects creating a visual spectacular with the interplay of fire and water on ponds, lakes and pools (both indoor and outdoor).

Water fountains up to 30ft high are illuminated by coloured LEDs while fire dances on the top. A variety of fire and water combined effects can be achieved and flames can be projected onto vertical jets of water, creating endless possibilities.

The Fountain Flame consists of the control box underwater with the fountain flame, plus a 32ft hose-cable set. It has 8-channel DMX which controls the ignition burner, pump, size of flame, and the three LED colors.

The Fountain Flame consists of a water fountain unit, a gas feed-in, a pilot burner and a control unit. Propane gas is fed into the fountain jet and ignited with the pilot burner.

The Fountain Flame is a revolutionary and eye catching effect ideal for water-based shows.


For further details of the product and installation please contact Le Maitre USA LLC

Manufactured by TBF Pyrotec


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