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Le Maitre USA look forward to welcoming you onto Booth #2625 at LDI this year.

We are extremely excited to be able to make several announcements at the show, with new products right across the board from haze to flames to pyro!

The new EcoHazer

LDI will see the unveiling of a brand new hazer – the EcoHazer, making a world first preview on Le Maitre’s booth.

Le Maitre hazers are already known for their incredible output and low power consumption, not to mention the haze fluid which converts to produce the purest, most efficient and long lasting haze on the market. The new EcoHazer takes the environmental aspect even further and Le Maitre believes that it is the most energy efficient water-based hazer on the market today!

The EcoHazer consumes an incredibly low 100-150W, a rate that other haze units on the market with a similar output simply can’t match, with many requiring up to 1500W - that’s ten times the electrical energy! The EcoHazer uses a completely new heating system borne out of Le Maitre’s R&D team’s experience when they developed the HazeMaster and which provides two significant benefits. Firstly it is highly efficient, drawing less than 0.4 amps at operating temperature. Secondly it is self-regulating temperature-wise, so there’s no risk of burning the fluid or damaging the unit.

Furthermore there is no trade-off with output, in fact quite the contrary. At first glance the variable output of 2cc/hr to 50cc/hr haze may seem on the low side but in reality the effect is akin to competitive units of some 400cc/hr! So how is this possible? The answer is simple – Le Maitre’s Haze Fluid. The fluid is 85-90% active ingredient combined with just 10-15% water. Not 80-90% water and only 10-20% active ingredient as is the case with so many other haze fluids on the market. In fact many aren’t even true hazers at all but simply smoke machines with fans and which consequently have to use much lower concentrated solutions. As a result, competitive haze systems need to create 8 to 9 times the output to achieve the same haze effect that is achieved by the new EcoHazer.  Put quite simply a competitive unit would need to consume 8 to 9 times more fluid just to produce the same haze effect! The EcoHazer is both much more efficient and cost effective. Combine this with the fact that Le Maitre’s sugar-based fluid is extremely green and completely safe* to use on the stage or in crowded clubs and Le Maitre’s EcoHazer is an environmentally friendly winning product all round.

Operation of the EcoHazer is either manual via a user friendly control panel with two rotary controls for output and fan or via intelligent, self-detecting DMX (2 channels). The maximum fan setting is 71m3/hr and direction is manually adjustable from 0 - 90°. A 3 digit LED display clearly displays the settings. The EcoHazer takes just 5 minutes to heat up and then it’s ready to go. Self-purging at the end of operation is quick and easy – just haze off and then power off will ensure haze is flushed out of the system keeping it clean for machine life longevity.

*Le Maitre’s haze fluid is included in equipment guidelines, calibration and health effects reports on the use of smoke and haze prepared by bodies including ESTA (now PLASA) and Environ.

Le Maitre USA chosen as exclusive distributor of TBF Pyrotec range in North America

Le Maitre is delighted to have been chosen by German manufacturer TBF-Pyrotec GmbH as the exclusive North American distributor for their flame range. TBF’s Spraymaster, Spraymaster Multicolour, Fountain Flame; Single Shot; Pyromaster and 5-Master will now all be sold by Le Maitre in the US* and Canada.

TBF Pyromaster

Says Bruce Baum, COO & CFO of Le Maitre USA, LLC “We are absolutely delighted that TBF-Pyrotec has recognised Le Maitre’s perfect positioning in the marketplace to be able to successfully promote and sell their flame units and consumables. TBF-Pyrotec has been developing and producing great flame machines and effects for the entertainment industry for over 10 years and their machines complement our existing offering perfectly.”

Christoph Muller, Managing Director of TBF-Pyrotec based in Geesthacht, Northern Germany, commented “We have a great range of effects which are well known within Europe but until now we haven’t had as much exposure in the North American market as we would like. We are extremely happy to appoint Le Maitre USA, LLC as our sole Distributor there. Le Maitre is a global brand, highly thought of throughout the industry and we had no hesitation in knowing they were the right people to channel our flame range through. I look forward to working together.”

Le Maitre will have the 5-Master, Pyromaster and Spraymaster on their booth at LDI along with video footage of all the effects they will be distributing.

*Excluding Las Vegas.

New extended VS Pyrotechnics range

Le Maitre’s latest range of pyrotechnics, the VS  - “virtually smokeless” range is continuing to expand and receive excellent feedback from the market, followed up with increasing orders!

The VS range was originally conceived back in 2010 when Le Maitre’s R&D team, based in Peterborough, UK were looking into improving the visual impact of effects by overcoming typical but unwelcome by-products of pyrotechnics. Conventional pyro can produce a lot of smoke and ash and with the advent of HD television and the increased use of pyro in sporting events these by-products needed to be addressed.

Le Maitre’s R&D team set to work, fundamentally changing chemical compositions. They moved away from metals and products that produce the solid particles which make the unwanted smoke and have replaced them with products that burn more cleanly and don’t produce solid particles.

The first products the team worked on were Flares as their magnesium base made these extremely smoky items. The resulting VS Flares were a resounding success, not only resulting in virtually no smoke, but also producing an extremely strong colour and aura. Buoyed by their success the team moved on to successfully develop the VS Flame range and VS Small Starburst range, with all three being launched in 2011.

In addition to much reduced smoke levels the VS range has incredible intensity and depth of colour compared to conventional pyrotechnics which can be bright but their colours still tend to be pale. Le Maitre’s VS products all have much deeper and more vibrant colours, particularly noticeable with the blue, purple and pink.

VS Blue Mine

The VS range is also benefitting from the Company’s newly automated production process installed at the Peterborough manufacturing plant last year. Primarily invested in to address growing demand it also enables the faster prototyping of new compositions, drastically reducing the time to market for products under development as well as improving product consistency.

Since its inception the VS range has been further added to with VS Falling Stars, VS Coloured 8ft Ice Gerbs and VS Intense Flames. At LDI Le Maitre is delighted to announce the launch of their stunning new VS Mines. Please stop by Booth #2625 to learn more about this terrific range. 

“The VS range is in line with Le Maitre’s strategy of continuously introducing the best range of visually stunning pyrotechnics on the market ensuring spectators get to see the effects at their very best!” states Karen Haddon, Joint Managing Director and Owner of Le Maitre Ltd.

G300 Smoke Machine 20th anniversary

In the year of the 20th Anniversary of the G300 Smoke Machine we are delighted to be running an original 20 year old G300 on the Le Maitre USA stand and which will be located next to a brand new G300 model, underlining just how durable this industry leading unit really is!” says Bruce Baum. 

A lot of companies have tried to imitate the G300, but there remains only one true G300, the gold standard of smoke machines from Le Maitre.  Le Maitre’s second generation high powered smoke machine at the time of its launch was said to be the standard by which all other machines would be judged. Le Maitre’s goal at the time was quite simply to make a machine that was better than anything else on the market. This has clearly proved to be the case with sales still going strong and many of the unique features not able to be emulated by other manufacturers.

G300 20th Anniversary

Ahead of its time, the G300 incorporated many “1sts” including  the patented “Layered Block System” (still used in all Le Maitre’s professional smoke machines to this day); digital operation; low fluid level sensors; microprocessor control; continuous operation; haze mode dual functionality; low power consumption; immense output; replaceable heater block….and so the list goes on!

The G300 was an immediate success and sales continue worldwide today. An industry standard around the globe it has been widely adopted by theme parks, theatres, cruise ships as well as the military and emergency services.

Combined with Le Maitre’s range of water-based smoke fluids, the G300 produces extremely safe smoke. With it unique low pressure system, the temperature is easy to control and the G300 is able to produce smoke that has not been burned at high temperatures and thereby avoids molecular charring which cause unpleasant free radicals as is the case with high pressure systems. 

Come and see one of the first ever units produced still in full working order twenty years on!

Le Maitre machines on show at LDI

And as if all these new launches weren’t enough to get excited about, Le Maitre will of course have many other favourites on the booth:

HazeMaster - the most powerful hazer on the market today will be centrally located on the booth with the unique oscillating MVS Hazer. Our uniquely formulated and high performance haze fluid will be projecting across the stand lighting. Come and speak to us about why it’s the safest, most concentrated and cost effective haze fluid on the market.

Other fog units on show will include the GForce 3, GForce 2 with Freezefog Pro producing atmospheric low fog and the portable Mini Mist.

Le Maitre's own UK manufactured flame machines will include: the Salamander Quad Pro launched in July this year and up for a Plasa Members’ Choice nomination this year; a Salamander; and a Chameleon.

Finally to complete the range there will be the newly launched FreezeJet, a powerful liquid CO2 jet and Le Maitre's own Arctic Snow Machine with its new whiter, fluffier, lighter, snow fluid.

We look forward to giving you a tour of this great line-up on our Booth #2625


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