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Le Maitre: Industry Leading Smoke Machine Manufacturer Read More

Le Maitre: Industry Leading Smoke Machine Manufacturer Read More

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Le Maitre have been designing and manufacturing stage pyrotechnics, and smoke machines since 1976.  They have a wide range of smoke machines available to choose from:


The G300 is without a doubt, Le Maitre’s flagship smoke machine.  Rugged, versatile and with an incredibly high output, the G300 is a dual-action machine, offering both smoke and haze effects. It can also be linked to the Freezefog Pro to provide atmospheric low smoke.  Designed to deal with the most demanding of situations, the G300 is the machine of choice among touring, rental, theme park, and cruise ship customers.

GFORCE 1/2/3

Based on the core technologies of the G300, the GForce range is ideal for use on stage and film, sporting events, theme parks, and in-house fire safety training, these models have continuous flow capability.  Used with an additional remote control, you can also choose to control with either the Variflow (amount of smoke produced), or the Varitime (amount of smoke produced, and the duration of each burst)

GForce 1 Basic and the GForce DMX are the entry level models. GForce 2 is Le Maitre’s mid-range offering – similar to the GForce 1 DMX but more powerful and connectable to the Freezefog Pro. GForce 3 is the most powerful unit in the GForce range with an incredible smoke output capability of 51000cbm/hr. GForce 3 is also connectable to the Freezefog Pro.


The Microfog is an attractive option as a hand-held, reliable and incredibly affordable unit. It combines the technology of the Genesis range of smoke machines, with an easy to use aerosol unit.  Ideal for mobile use, it is also well suited to smaller venues and schools.


The Mini Mist is a robust hand-held aerosol smoke machine.  Ideal for TV and film, it uses a water-based smoke fluid canister to create a thick fog effect.  It has also been certified for use, in fire evacuation and breathing apparatus training, by a variety of emergency services.


The Freezefog Pro creates a dramatic, yet controllable low-lying smoke effect.  Long-lasting and residue free, the smoke remains low to the ground.  The Freezefog Pro can be used in conjunction with either the G300, GForce 2, or GForce 3 smoke machines, and is commonly used on stages, in showrooms, TV studios, clubs and parks.

Le Maitre operate worldwide via an extensive network of distributors. 

In order to discuss your product, price and delivery requirements, please contact your local distributor.

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