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Le Maitre Exhibiting at PLASA Focus Glasgow, 17-18 January 2018

Le Maitre Exhibiting at PLASA Focus Glasgow, 17-18 January 2018

Monday 18 December 2017

Le Maitre, the leaders in pyrotechnics, smoke, haze and flames, will be showing a range of products at PLASA Focus Glasgow on 17th-18th January at the SEC, Glasgow.

You can register in advance for free admission here.

Products we'll be showing include:


We will be demonstrating our MVS Smart hazer. Retaining all the core features of the highly popular MVS Hazer, the MVS Smart includes smart control and monitoring features. The inclusion of WiFi connectivity allows the user to access machine diagnostics via a mobile phone or tablet, as well as set up and control the hazer remotely.

Powerful and versatile, the MVS Smart has two variable high-power fans which can be used to control the projection and direction of the haze stream and it incorporates a unique oscillating mode with automated back and forth sweeping of the projected haze. Variable haze density, on-board DMX and the ability to position the unit at any angle combine to form the most complete feature set of the Le Maitre hazer line.



The G300-SMART is a professional smoke machine featuring Internet of Things capability.

Building on the solid foundation of Le Maitre’s flagship smoke machine, the G300, the G300-SMART is rugged, versatile and durable, with an extremely high output of dense white smoke. In addition, the G300-SMART has a user-friendly LCD display, DMX in and out, 0-10V control, as well as fluid out and fluid low reporting.

Having Wi-Fi on board gives the user a whole new level of flexibility, being able to set and change the configuration of the unit via their mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. The user is able to set the interval, duration, flow level, pre-delay times, as well as turn the unit on or off. The user can also diagnose and debug any errors with the device wirelessly.



This canister-based flame machine produces lightning fast chases of up to 30 seconds continuous flame or 50 flame balls. Its compact design allows single units to easily be coupled together collectively in a 4-up configuration to produce flames ranging in height from 4m from a single unit up to 6m from 4 units.

The Salamander is controlled by 2 DMX channels that can be individually addressed. It also incorporates a number of safety features including a tilt-sensor and ignitor monitoring.

Flames are available in natural, red or green.



Le Maitre is renowned for its Pyroflash, Prostage II and Virtually Smokeless ranges of pyrotechnics. Pyroflash is a simple, easy-to-use plug in and play cartridge system for semi-professional users. Designed for indoor use, it is an ideal system for venues such as theatres and nightclubs.

Prostage II is Le Maitre’s professional range of pyrotechnics, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for large, more complex sequences, they are supplied ready for wiring to pyro circuits. Part of the Prostage II range, the Virtually Smokeless (VS) range uses completely different compositions, producing extremely intense colours and auras, without the traditional by-products of solid particles which can burn to produce unwanted smoke.

Le Maitre continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the innovation and manufacture of pyrotechnics, and continues to develop cutting-edge products. New pyrotechnics added recently to their extensive range include VS Flares, Ice Fountains, Large Scale Comets, Multi Shot Mines and Comets and Smoke Mines, all manufactured here in the UK.

We look forward to welcoming you to Stand D12 where we would love to tell you more.

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