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Le Maitre Becoming ISO Certified

Le Maitre Becoming ISO Certified

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Le Maitre is very pleased to announce that we have now received our ISO 45001 and ISO 9001 certifications. The importance of these certifications is significant, as it showcases our dedication and commitment to our core values, excellence and safety.

The ISO Certifications (International Organisation for Standardisation) are administered by the British Standards Institution, the UK’s premier organisation for business improvement and certification services, offering UKAS Accredited certifications, recognised worldwide. The decision from Le Maitre to invest in attaining these certificates was to demonstrate to our employees and our customers that we are and always will work to the highest possible standard.

ISO 45001

This accreditation focuses on the Health and Safety of our organisation. Manufacturing pyrotechnics involves significant risks due to the use of explosive materials and sensitive mixtures. As a result, health and safety is always our top priority and having this recognised by ISO was important for us as it demonstrates to our team that their safety is paramount. This certification validates our efforts to ensure that every aspect of our facility meets the high standards necessary to keep everyone safe. It affirms our commitment to our employees and their families and shows that we have identified and mitigated as many risks as possible in our facility. This includes everything from, the high level of training administered to all staff members, employing our own experienced full-time resident health and safety expert who consistently monitors all processes, ensuring all our equipment meets regulation standards, employing four chemists who sit on our health and safety committee with the compliance manager to assess and review all risk assessments, and implementing 50 cameras across the site to monitor and manage those risks on a daily basis.

ISO 9001

This accreditation recognises the quality and excellence of the products we produce and services we offer. As part of our core values at Le Maitre, Quality and Excellence are what define us in the world of pyrotechnics. Having a premium, UK manufactured product for our clients is what has set us apart from our competitors for the last 5 decades, therefore gaining this globally recognised commendation has given us great pride. The ISO 9001 has many categories that an organisation has to meet in order to be granted this high level of accreditation. Having our ISO 9001 confirms that the services offered by our sales and marketing teams will be fulfilled by our operational capacity and it stamps approval on our ability to offer superior, quality products to our clients.

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