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How to create that wow factor at your event

How to create that wow factor at your event

Wednesday 10 September 2014

There are many people that consider fireworks and pyrotechnics to be one and the same.  There are however key differences between the two.

Pyrotechnics tend to be smaller scale, and are able to be used both indoors and outdoors.  Manufactured to more stringent standards, height, direction and intensity is both accurate and consistent, enabling them to be used in close proximity to an audience.  Designed to thrill and entertain, not only do they pose lower risks than those associated with fireworks, they produce much less debris.  They are a great choice for sensitive locations, which require highly visual presentations of heat, light and sound.

Le Maitre offer two different pyrotechnic ranges.  The Pyroflash products are geared more towards the amateur end of the market, whilst the ProStage II products are for use by professional pyrotechnics, wiring their own pyro.

In addition, Le Maitre offer a number of other machines, all of which can be used to create a dramatic effect: 

Flame Effect Machines

Whether it is quick balls of fire, tiny flames, or a tall constant flame that you are after, there is a flame effect available to meet your every need.  You can even choose from natural or coloured flames.  If your venue prohibits the use of propane, not a problem, there are a number of non-propane options which use an ethanol/methanol mix. .     Should your venue deem the use of flammable products too dangerous, fear not, there are even Fake Flame machines available.  These create the illusion of real flames, yet use no flammable products.  Instead they work by projecting coloured light onto a swirling screen of vapour.

Smoke, Low Fog & Haze Machines

Whether it is a tour, stage, film set or theme park, there are a wide range of haze, smoke and fog machines available to choose from.

Haze machines are predominantly used to enhance the light beam projections on stages.  They produce very fine, consistent particles, which hang in the air for long periods of time.

Smoke machines come in many different guises, from short bursts of smoke which appear and disappear quickly, to smoke that remains for a longer period.

Low Fog machines on the other hand, are used to create a dramatic, low-lying fog effect.  Not only does a fog machine create a long lasting, residue free effect, it remains low-lying for the duration.

Special Effects

Alternatively, why not take a look at some of the special effects machines that are available.  Biodegradable glitter, confetti and streamers, are great for venues where pyrotechnics are not allowed.  From pocket, hand-held air cannons that shoot up to 10m, to Electric Air Cannons capable of shooting up to 15m, you can create a beautiful effect with minimum noise. 

Looking for something even more special, why not  use a snow machine, and create your very own winter wonderland.

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