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Fake Snow Machines from Le Maitre

Fake Snow Machines from Le Maitre

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Looking to create a certain atmosphere for an event? Or to generate the perfect special effects for that ideal film or photography shot? With the help of the Arctic Snow Machine, you'll never find yourself waiting and hoping on some wintery weather to provide you with the ideal back drop. This brilliant Le Maitre device provides variable output snow and configurable flake size to let you get the perfect style of snow for your specific application.

Out Of Sight, Working Hard

Designed to be a compact piece of equipment, the Arctic Snow Machine is small enough to be slipped out of sight somewhere, ideal for providing an illusion of real snow. If you are setting up an event of some kind which you would like to have a snowy atmosphere, the Arctic Snow Machine can easily be mounted to a ceiling, boom or anything else via its convenient handling and mounting points. The super quiet operation of the device further allows it to blend in with its surroundings, making the Arctic Snow Machine an ideal piece to use for a show or event.

Integrated Controls

The Arctic Snow Machine can be controlled either with the  remote control supplies or hooked into a DMX  system for easy control from an existing equipment setup, letting theatre techs easily integrate the Snow Machines controls into their light, sound and other control boards. This makes it super easy to turn the machine on or off, adjust the intensity of the flow or the size of the snowflakes without having to pause what you're doing or go to the machine itself.


Easily refill the built in 5 litre fluid holder to keep the Arctic Snow Machine ready to operate whenever you need it. The Snow Machine is rated to consume 1 litre of fluid for every 650 seconds of operation (exact numbers will vary with the use of the machines variable settings.) This allows you to get roughly ten minutes of operation per litre of fluid. A full 5 litre tank is nearly an hours’ worth of snow! Le Maitre’s Arctic snow fluid is ideally formulated for use with the Arctic Snow Machine.

History of Service

Le Maitre has been in business since 1977. In that time frame, the company has become a world leader in pyrotechnics and special effects manufacturing. Le Maitre's operation represents the largest of its kind in Europe. Our products are distributed the world over and can be found as a part of a dazzling array of some of the finest venues, theatres, special effects workshops, clubs and events the world has to offer. To ensure every show and event goes off without a hitch, Le Maitre devotes an exacting diligence to each of their products, allowing event organisers and show directors to know there is one less thing to worry about. Our equipment is designed to handle some of the rugged environments of show business and still be able to perform perfectly on cue.

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