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Arctic Snow Machine - Winter Stock Now In

Arctic Snow Machine - Winter Stock Now In

Monday 07 November 2016

Looking to generate the perfect snowy backdrop for your event, production, film or photo shoot? The Arctic Snow machine can create the wintry atmosphere you’re after.

With the Arctic Snow machine you can vary the output of the snow, and configure the flake size, so you can get exactly the type of snow you need to meet your requirements.

Offering unrivalled performance and reliability, it has continuous high output, covering an area approximately 6m/18ft in diameter.

Its compact design, and its super quiet operation means it’s small enough to be slipped out of sight, and quiet enough not to interfere with your production or event. In addition, its convenient handling and mounting points allow it to be mounted easily to a roof, ceiling or boom, giving you the option of directing the snow wherever you need it.

The Arctic Snow machine can be controlled either with the remote control supplied or by hooking it into a DMX system, making it easy to turn the machine on or off, adjust the intensity of the flow or the size of the snowflakes without having to go to the machine yourself, and the 5 litre fluid holder allows you to get almost an hour’s worth of snow.

Le Maitre’s Arctic Snow fluid is ideal for producing a realistic white, fluffy light snow. Ready diluted for ease of use, it is a water-based formula that is safe, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, making it the perfect choice for use on live stage performances and productions.

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