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Ant and Dec used a Le Maitre Microfog smoke machine to create a plume of dense white smoke in the audience during one of their links at The BRIT Awards earlier this week.

Discussing how performers had upped their game this year with effects, Ant then proceeded to turn the machine towards the camera, whiting out the TV screens with a plume of dense white smoke, before walking around the audience with the machine.

The Microfog is ideal for scenarios like this. The easy to use, single-canister machine provides up to 6 minutes of smoke, and as it can be used off the power for up to 20 minutes it is the perfect choice when a mobile smoke machine is needed.

Combined with Le Maitre's water-based Standard Smoke Fluid canister it is completely safe to use in small venues, or in close proximity to an audience.

Microfog at The BRIT Awards

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