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Wave Flame Single Head

The compact Wave Flame Head can produce flames up to 10 meters high that can rotate in 1 direction for 210°. The Wave Flame Head must be connected to a pump or pressure tank.

Flame heights:

  • Using the indoor nozzle produces flames up to 5m (16ft) in height
  • Using the outdoor nozzle produces flames up to 10m (32ft) in height

The Wave Flame Head has an internal transformer so can be easily switched from 240V to 110V. The internal switch transformer can be plugged into either 240V or 120V with no changes needed except the plug.

Controlled by DMX, the Wave Flame Head can produce approximately 200 flame shots per 10 liter bottle, dependent on the duration of the shots.

NEW: A 10L External Tank is now available that pressurizes fluid to 10bar pressure to the Wave Flame Head. This comes with a 2.5 meter fluid hose.


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