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Single Shot By TBF Pyrotec

The Single Shot produces uniquely long flames which can be fired in all directions. Shoot up to 16ft fire rays vertically, horizontally, from bottom to top or top to bottom! 

The Single Shot uses TBF Pyrotek's unique burner technology for safe and reliable ignition. 5-Master Fluid is conducted from an external tank to the Single Shot and from there sprayed through a special nozzle and ignited by a high voltage spark. The 5-Master Fluid is a special flame liquid which evaporates faster than other fuels on the market and ensures no flammable liquid accumulates on the ground.

Operation of the Single Shot is by 2-channel DMX. Up to five Single Shot units can be supplied by one tank by being daisy-chained with up to 32Ft long hoses and cables. 


  • Flame rays up to16ft
  • Fire at any angle
  • Reliable ignition
  • 2-channel DMX control (Clearing & Ignition)
  • Robust & resistant design
  • 5-Master Fluid
  • Not supplied: Nitrogen gas or compressed air operating at 6 bar


Manufactured by TBF Pyrotec


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